Doosan Power Systems

Our People

Our Strategy: The '2G' Philosophy

Doosan Group’s '2G' Philosophy is a virtuous circle in which people drive business growth, which in turn provides our people the opportunity for advancement.

In other words, Doosan’s management philosophy is built on the belief that sustained success can only come through trusting its people.

The Doosan Way

The Doosan Way has been the driving force behind our growth for the last 100 years. It is an organisational principle that guides us and ensures that we will always be a "Proud Global Doosan"

The Doosan Credo

Every Doosan person is asked to contribute to the company, regardless of individual capability or expertise.

He or she upholds our core values and puts them into practice.

The Doosan Credo: Six Core Traits

The Doosan Credo comprises six core traits, which we practice wherever we operate, every day.

Limitless Aspiration

Doosan people impose no limits to their aspirations, constantly setting higher goals and standards.

Cultivating People

Our people approach others with respect and consideration.


Our people understand that individual performance is vital to team performance.

Open Communication

Our people are completely open in communication.

Tenacity & Drive

Our people possess true tenacity and the drive to make even the hardest things possible.

Prioritisation & Focus

Our people prioritise and focus on what matters most.

These traits of our people guide the way we do business, the way we treat each other and the way we work with all of our partners.

Find out more about how the Doosan Way is a part of life for the people of Doosan Babcock.

I have always found Doosan Babcock to be keen to reward any individuals who demonstrate determination, focus and commitment to their work Throughout my career with Doosan Power Systems I have always found the Company extremely supportive in providing training and career opportunities Since joining the Company I have had the opportunity to meet a considerable number of people globally in the energy sector and I have always been proud to declare "I work for Doosan Power Systems"