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Joined Doosan: 1989
Original job title: Assistant Project Engineer, Babcock Energy Research Centre
Current job title: Acting Group Head, Boiler Business Group
Education: BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (1st Class), University of Paisley

Why Doosan Babcock?

Since joining Doosan, I have had the opportunity to meet a considerable number of people globally in the energy sector and I have always been proud to declare: 'I work for Doosan Babcock' through embracing the Doosan Way core values and traits.

Career Highlights

2013: Acting Group Head of Process & Systems

As part of Boiler Business Group and Global Boiler R&D Centre, my main priority is developing leading-edge boiler technologies and products that support Doosan’s aim to continue to grow the boiler business across global markets.

2000: Group Leader, Boiler Performance

As a project coordinator, I led a number of major UK DTI- and European-funded collaborative projects, including the design of state-of-the-art carbon-abated Advanced Supercritical Coal boiler plant with CO2 capture options.

This gave the opportunity to publish and present a number of papers at internationally recognised conferences as well as filing a patent application for a CO2 capture process.

1995: Senior Project Manager, Boiler Technology Group

I was responsible for the technical and financial control of a number of projects.

1991: Project Engineer

I developed further capability in boiler plant performance, combustion and emissions performance for wall-fired utility boilers as part of the Doosan’s first contract for a low NOx burner retrofit at Drax Power Station.

Publications and Presentations

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